How To Finally Accept Your Calling and Start Your Own Paid Psychic Reading Business Without Wasting Any More Precious Time.

Hey Soul Fam, Tana here!

If you’d like to be ready, really ready, to start your paid psychic reading career, this will be the most exciting book you'll ever read.

Here’s why:
I’m Going to Reveal...
A NEW tool that aspiring psychic readers are using RIGHT NOW to bust through the fear and hesitation of starting a psychic reading business for pay. 
But First, Let’s Get Real:
The stories in this book outline how myself and 9 other professional money-making psychic readers took the leap of faith and began charging for our psychic readings.

But I’m not suggesting you’ll become a thriving business overnight.

The truth is, I’m not sure how successful every aspiring psychic reader who grabs a copy of this book will be.

Achieving success in turning your psychic readings into a money-making business requires courage as well as consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please do not get this book.

With that said, let me jump right in and show you…
    Exactly What You’re Getting:
    Introducing the
    “Accepting the Call”
    Following Your Dream of Starting Your Own Paid Psychic Reading Business EBOOK
    First, let me say this isn’t your ordinary psychic development book. It’s not a psychic development book at all! 

    This EBOOK was written for you, the aspiring psychic reader, so you can finally join us psychic reading professionals in the ranks of receiving payment for what you do and creating a thriving business and life because of it.

    Time is precious, so I get straight to the point. 

    And it’s about MORE than just starting a business.
    You can actually use the same methods outlined in this book to create a variety of breakthroughs and discoveries about your dream, your gifts and your spiritual calling.

    Whether you’re a beginner at giving readings or you’ve been reading for some time…

    If you want to get paid for your psychic readings, then “Accepting the Call” Following Your Dream of Starting Your Own Paid Psychic Reading Business EBOOK will work perfectly for you. 

    (Also: SPOILER ALERT! EVERYONE is WAY MORE capable of going pro, and succeeding in their psychic business than they think they are… You just haven’t fully committed and had the right tools yet.)

    Like I said, there’s more to this book than just talking about your abilities. 
    We are talking about cash-money energy exchanges. 

    We are talking about inhaling and exhaling. “Serving and Receiving.”

    We're talking about success as a paid psychic reader being modeled for you.

      There's a whole lot of magic in our book. Here's who brings it!
      • ELAINA KELLY - Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Reader & Reiki Practitioner
      • SARAH YOSICK - Animal Communicator, Intuitive & Crystal Guru
      • AMANDA LILLIANA - Intuitive Psychic Reader and Owner of the Owl's Vision Tarot
      • MIESHA JOHNSTON - Starseed Awakening Certified Hypnotherapist & Galactic Channel
      • DEANN BURCH - Spiritual Intuitive, Mindful Astrologer & Soulful Lightworker
      • REBECCA GARCIA - Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor, Energetic Healer & Owner of The Violet Raven
      • EMILY ALDERSON - Spiritual Coach
      • JEN HADDIX - 200 Hour-Certified Yoga Teacher, Self-Love Coach, Sound Healer & Intuitive Channel
      Here's why I published this book...
      International Psychic & 
      Mentor for Psychic Readers
      I’m here to empower the relationship between you and your dream of becoming a successful, impactful, fully supported, in high-demand, change-the-world kind of professional psychic. 

      Over the past 16 years, I've performed over 10,000 Psychic Reading sessions and have taught thousands of students how to open up and use their psychic gifts more fully.

      I've taught a multitude of Psychic Development classes online and in-person to Spiritual Seekers, helping them to identify and cultivate their own Psychic abilities.

      Most importantly, I help aspiring professional psychic readers level-up and create the practice or business of their dreams. 

      This book has been whole career in the making. As soon as I found psychic reading business success I wanted to give it away. And I've got some professional psychic friends to help me do it! I hope you, not only enjoy this book, but that it helps your really and finally be ready to take the leap and accept your calling.

       Here’s A Fraction What You’re Getting
      • A 211 page EBOOK ready for you to instantly download.
      • ​Content designed to help you move past fear and doubt when it comes to starting your own psychic reading business.
      • Encouraging stories and advice from myself and 9 other professional, money-making psychic readers about how and when we started our businesses.
      • Access to the book’s website for additional bonuses from our contributing authors.
      (Think "Chicken Soup for the Psychic Reader's Soul" meets start-up psychic business EBOOK.)
      But, guess what! You're also getting...
      “Accepting the Call” Following Your Dream of Starting Your Own Paid Psychic Reading Business AUDIOBOOK
      Follow along with your EBOOK or ditch the tablet for your headphones. 

      That’s right! When you purchase now you’ll receive the FREE AUDIOBOOK version to download, too.

      Here’s What to Do Next
      The investment will only cost $7, and you’ll receive access instantly via email.
      You can access your EBOOK AND AUDIOBOOK anytime, anywhere, and you have lifetime access to all the content!

      Oh, and in case you’re wondering. . .
      If you’re thinking, “$7 is cheap. . .what’s the catch?” 

      I'm happy to put your mind at ease. 
      • If you’re an aspiring psychic reader, this EBOOK was literally MADE to be put in your hands. I’m genuinely committed to showing as many people as possible exactly how to feel ready and start their paid psychic reading businesses.
      • I want to give you an all-access pass to the kind of ideas that drive mine and 9 other professional paid psychic readers’ personal mission and purpose… and how they were all realized when they finally said YES to their calling.
      • I want to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE, so that you can have what we have, too. Plain and simple. The more aspiring psychic readers I can help realize their dreams, the more people we can all help.
      • The world needs us. The more readings you give, the more light and love you can spread. It matters to me. (And I'm sure it matters to you too)
        That being said, there is ONE more thing to keep in mind...
        Time Is of The Essence!
        Today you can get my EBOOK and the AUDIOBOOK version of “Accepting the Call” at the extremely affordable price of just $7.

        So why would I do that? 
        Simple! I want to help you Follow Your Dream of Starting Your Own Paid Psychic Reading Business… 

        … and I have the power to do that! 
          But if I can’t get the numbers to work, I’ll have to stop this promotion. 

          So, there’s a chance this page will come down soon. 

          If this page IS still here, then the offer is live, but I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

          Like I said, this is a VERY limited offer.

          So don’t miss this while it’s still available. 

          Oh - one more thing, I can’t forget to mention…
          Even though you're paying a ridiculously low price, you're still protected by…
          I 100% guarantee you'll "Accepting the Call" or I'll return your $7 
          ... and you can keep the EBOOK and the AUDIOBOOK.

          That's right! 

          You don't even have to send anything back. Just email me and I'll give you back your money, no questions asked.

          Sound fair?

          You have nothing to lose, but everything to GAIN.

          P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me 🙃) who just skips to the end of the page, here’s a recap:
          I’m giving you my brand-new EBOOK, The Roadmap for finally becoming ready to start your paid psychic reading career.
          • A simple, yet powerful book and tool that aspiring psychic readers are using RIGHT NOW to bust through the fear and hesitation of starting a psychic reading business for pay!
          • All you pay is a measly $7.
          • I want you to implement what you learn in the book immediately…
          • Because myself and the other authors who wrote this book, are encouraging you to accept and move forward with your spiritual calling as confidently as possible.
          • Then, we can all serve the world greater and make a more positive impact… Together!

          Plus, you’re also getting a highly valued AUDIOBOOK version.

          I’m giving you this as a free bonus gift because I want you to implement what you learn in the book immediately . . .

          And get results in the FASTEST way possible!

          There are no gimmicks. In fact, I’ve 100% GOT YOUR BACK.

          You May Want to Hurry, Though! This Is Truly A Limited Offer That Won't Last.

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