“Become a Money-Making Psychic” Mentorship Program

Accept Your Calling,
Master Your Magic,
and Get Paid! 

Learn pro-level skill sets and simplified high-level psychic business specific marketing strategies so that they can make an impact in the world...

All while being held by Spirit in perfect Divine energy exchange.

Hello, Divinely-driven Lightworker

From Tana Newberry
International Psychic and Mentor for Psychic Readers

If you want to learn to produce high-level psychic readings, offer premium services that make a big impact - and become a successful, well-paid spiritual entrepreneur… 

This will be the most important and exciting page you'll read this year!

I’m going to reveal…
… The way to achieve genuine, soul-centered and bonafide professional-level psychic reading skills (AND) have all the business strategies and tools you’ll need to be well-paid because of the massive impact you make!
But First, A Warning:

The NEW “Money-Making Method” for Psychic Readers that I outline on this page requires a shift away from OLD “read like everyone else - all faith and no strategy approach” that doesn't work anymore…

... Things like: 

  • Practicing only sporadically with only your close friends and family
  • Figuring things out really slowly, and all on your own
  • Making rookie mistakes, not knowing that your making rookie mistakes
  • Never leaving the ‘psychic reader anxiety’ state
  • (And let’s be honest) Failure to launch

And when it comes to business... Things like: 

  • Knowing that you’re capable of success, but not knowing the steps to take
  • Not knowing how to be seen as an absolutely authority and serve clients at a high-level
  • Not get enough bookings because you don’t know anything about marketing
  • Not taking on “the tech” because it’s intimidating
  • (And most importantly) Not knowing how to how to maximize your profitability

If you’re not willing to accept that to be successful you’ll need to set yourself apart and implement high-level professional training and proven business strategies, this information will NOT work for you. 

And without meaning to sound harsh, this level of success may not be aligned... That’s ok.

But if you’re looking for a very DIFFERENT and EXCITING way to become a top-tier psychic reader who earns her equivalent in authentic energy-exchange (that means cash-money), then let me introduce you to…

Let me introduce you to,
helping you Master Your Magic and Get Paid!

When you know how to create and deliver first-rate psychic reading experiences, and knock the whole marketing thing out of the park…

You can finally say goodbye to, “I hope I get some clients.” And, “I hope I can make some money.”

You can say goodbye to this only being possible for those more 'gifted, lucky, techy, or salesy.'

And you can finally say goodbye to this being too hard… period.

This unique method is unlike any of the common psychic development or cookie-cutter business strategies you’ve seen.

… it’s PRO-LEVEL and PSYCHIC READING BUSINESS SPECIFIC. And it’s modeled after my own massive success. It uses the same tools that helped me build a six-figure psychic reading business. 

I’ve conducted professional psychic readings for over 17 years and spent tens of thousands of dollars on training, business courses and resources. I’ve tried and implemented it all. THIS IS WHAT WORKS.

Here’s just a few of my student’s WHO HAVE GONE PRO doing their things.

The process for how the “Money-Making Method” for Psychic Readers works is actually very simple.
It’s just 3 steps: Here they are.

Step 1: You’ll need to ACCEPT THE CALL.
It’s time to commit and use a proven model for success.

This phase can be scary. It can require you put it all on the line for your leap of faith. I know that. 

But think about it… unless you are willing to do what others won't, you’ll stay like everybody else. You’ll have average tools and provide average experiences. You’ll get average results. 

You might end up with a “hobby not a business.”

Step 2: You’ll need to MASTER YOUR MAGIC.
And I have just the thing for you...

The "Read Like a Pro" - Psychic Reader Mastermind is an accelerated and intensive, 12 week high-level training and coaching program .

It is going to elevate your psychic skills and your readings to your absolute potential.

 (And frankly will have you contending with the top performing psychics in the industry).

 Step 3: Then, you can GET PAID.This is huge! 
You’re really going to love what I have for you next.

The Psychic Business Accelerator Program is a program that teaches the complete strategy you need to blow up your psychic biz!

It’s a turn-key solution to your branding, marketing and tech! 

This 24 week mentorship program will guide you step by step and when you’re done, you’ll have an entire automated marketing system so you can focus on massively serving your clients.

Now that your business strategy is set and your marketing is on autopilot, your automated system can support your success.

Flip the switch on and get results. You’ll continuously grow, and scale your impact and your business. 

Just focus on what you do best... Psychic Readings!

The “Money-Making Method” for Psychic Readers is the “missing piece” that will allow you to discover the pro-level reader in you, use your gifts to create massive impact, and be an authentic energy-exchange for a (imagine it now…)
6-figure psychic business!

This unique method is your compass to the professional psychic reading business of your dreams! 

Now you've already seen how the fastest and easiest way to unlock your potential and psychic business success is with “Money-Making Method” for Psychic Readers.

Imagine what could happen if you HAD YOUR OWN “Money-Making Method” for Psychic Readers at your fingertips. Imagine how it could change the game for you, and your LONG list of future clients!

Imagine having a simple system with all of the practices and tools to propel your psychic reading SKILLS AND BUSINESS (changing your life!) Imagine getting really, really good at what you do and creating profitability ... easier, and faster than ever. 🙌

When I created the “Money-Making Method” for Psychic Readers… EVERYTHING CHANGED!

… because finding Pro-Level Training AND Psychic Reading Business Specific marketing tools and strategies simply wasn’t out there. Finding a solution that offered both was nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

I created this method, not only because Spirit told me to… But also because when I looked for it, I could not find ANYTHING LIKE IT. 

There's NO PLACE on earth to get your hands on this information.

I’m teaching you how to reach your psychic potential, and giving you a plug and play marketing strategy. This is a high-income psychic business in a box! 


I’m going to help you Accept the Call, Master Your Magic and Get Paid with the “Money-Making Method”… because I am going to do it with you!

You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to do it on your own...

All you have to do is learn and apply the simple method I’ve shared and that I’m about to give you! 

And by learn and apply...
I mean, you take my hand and let me immerse you in a world of pro-level skill sets and simplified high-level “psychic business specific” marketing strategies… 
Making you a “Money-Making Psychic.”


If it is, I can help you. 🔮


Getting amazing results and actually pulling this off is – like most things – harder than it looks. 

And totally blowing up your psychic biz (like I mentioned) takes time, effort, and energy.
In order for me to really help you, I need to work with you personally, each week for about 6 months. In that time, I’ll teach you everything I know!

If you’re interested in taking away in 6 months the expertise it took me 17 years to obtain…


I’m looking for those few soul-led, passionate and sincere students to join an exclusive private group called…

The "Become a Money-Making Psychic” Master Your Magic and Get Paid! Mentorship Program… is a process for mastering the process of giving high-value readings and launching or scaling your business with high-income success. It’s immersive. It’s exciting. It’s powerful. It works.

If that's YOU, I’d like you to join us.

Here’s What’s Included in the:
 “Become a Money-Making Psychic” Mentorship Program
Master Your Magic and Get Paid!
Two Intensive Training Containers

We’ll work together through my exclusive 3-month comprehensive mastermind program… 

(filled with unique weekly training modules with a different psychic reading technique to master)


Receive business training, coaching and a turn-key assets like customized "mad-lib" website and sales copy to inspire you... as well as website templates that you can plug and play your copy into.

We'll take on how to clearly communicate and market your mission with email scripts, swipable files and ready to use as lead-magnets.

It's a "Your Unique Voice and Vision meets Six-Figure Psychic Business in a Box"  program.

Six-Months of LIVE Weekly Group Coaching

It’s a time for your questions, receiving one-on-one ‘hot seat’ mentoring and learning in a group discussion. Most weeks have two possible weekly group coaching sessions to attend - one focused on skill sets and the other focused on business.

A Private 30-Min. Onboarding Session with Tana

I will get to know you, your desire, and your needs. This special session helps me know how I can serve you best as an individual during our time together. 

Access to the “Volunteer for Practice Readings” Online Community

A safe and judgment free members-only community and zone to practice your readings on my other students and clients. There are hundreds of members who have been vetted as the perfect practice clients. It's one of the most valuable assets when you're mastering your magic.

Private Mentorship-Members Only Online Support Group

A place where only exclusive members have access to me, my team and each other. Talk shop. Ask questions between weekly meetings and connect, celebrate, collaborate with other members. It's a great way to be connected between trainings and coaching calls.

Here's how I'll help you master your magic in the
"Read Like a Pro" Psychic Reader Mastermind

Mastering Photograph Readings

A picture is worth a thousand words and can be an excellent way to tune-in to someone.

Mastering Yes or No Readings

It’s extremely helpful to clarify a message. Reducing it to a simple yes or no option does the trick.

Mastering Eye Gazing Readings

The eyes are the windows to the soul and there’s a lot to learn in the process.

Mastering Fill the Sentence Readings

A step by step psychic hearing process that helps you clearly receive words, sentences and phrases.

Mastering Holding Hands Readings

Just to make sure your skill sets are learned both online and offline, the psychic feeling method is a favorite.

Mastering Psychometry Readings

Hold an object and psychically tune into its owner for a message and information.

Mastering Akashic Record Readings

A fun and advanced method to receive information about someone’s karmic contracts.

Mastering Health and Body Scan Readings

The state of our health is often the state of our being. It’s important. I’ll teach you what to learn from it.

Mastering Timeline Prediction Readings

My specialty! Learn from an expert. Many professionals still don’t feel confident with predictions. You will. 

Mastering Mediumship Readings

Mediumship is one of the most sought after types of readings and it really does help people hear from loved ones.

Mastering 20 Question Method Readings

Lengthen the duration of your sessions by retrieving answers to questions your client hasn’t even asked yet.
PLUS, You’re Also Getting These BONUSES:

Bonus #1: "Brave Enough" Video Reading

Here's a psychic reading pep talk for you to help you "Be brave enough to suck at something new."

BONUS #2: Feel the Fear Recording

"Feel the fear and do it anyways" is the perfect message you need before trying something new.

BONUS #3: Half Off 1-on-1 Intuitive Coaching

Additional Intuitive Coaching Sessions are half-off for students in the Mentorship.

BONUS #4: Other Extra Surprise Goodies!

I'm adding new things all the time!
Here's how I'm going to help you get paid in the
"Psychic Business Accelerator Program

Your Mission

Find out who your soul clients are, what your special sauce is, and how to discover your signature service.

Your Voice

Discover and unlock your authority. Learn how to attract a following with your own brand of magic.

Your "Blow-up Bio"

People don't buy from your business, they buy from YOU. I've got turn-key copy options for your unique and personal bio. 

Turn-key Copywriting

Get ready to master your message and prepare for your website. I'll have everything you need.

Be Ready to Offer Your Offer

Clarify all of the specifics about your signature offer. Use some turn-key copywriting here, too. Plan your clients journey.

Turn-key Website

I'm here to take out ALL of the guess work. Drag and drop templates are designed for the exact copy you wrote.

Automated Booking Systems

Never leave a client who ready to commit, unable to do so. Set yourself up to book clients and make money in your sleep. 

Your Lightworking Lead-Magnet

Create your free or low-ticket lead magnet to help you reach new audiences. Not sure what to make? Take one of mine!

Your Client Attraction Method

Let's decide how to automate  and promote that lead magnet so it works magically behind the scenes, on its own.

Turn-key Copywriting for Your Welcome Campaign

Build the know, like, and trust factor with new clients. Build that relationship through a welcome email sequence. I got you!

Automate Your Email Campaigns

Automate your emails, and we'll add a few quick follow-up emails that bring in extra cash on the spot. I'll show you how.

Launch Week

If you haven't already, it's time to turn on the switch to your website, offerings and marketing machine! 
PLUS, You’re Also Getting These BONUSES:

Bonus #1: Broadcast Campaigns

You'll want some ideas to keep your email list engaged. I've got you covered! You'll love these, even if down the road.

BONUS #2: Understanding Value Ladders

What's the key to scaling your business and your profitability? Let's talk about client journey's beyond the signature offer.

BONUS #3: Product Training

One great way to increase the cash flow into your business is with products. Let's talk Oracle Decks, Ebooks and more!

BONUS #4: Is Creating An Online Course For You?

There's a whole world waiting to open up to you if you desire to pursue online courses or group coaching containers.
Psychic Industry Facts
Here's why there's room for you...
See what students are saying!

"Working these processes has changed my whole perspective of how best to connect with and serve my friends and family. People keep saying I should do this for a living! After learning these techniques, I volunteered at an event doing psychic readings and then... They offered me a regular gig! They said I was that good. I'm positive it was because of this course. Thanks Tana!"

"There is no doubt in my mind that my confidence level, when making a future prediction, far surpasses most professional psychic readers I've met. They should have taken Tana's course."

"I've been practicing psychic readings for a long time but never felt like I could answer mediumship questions. I've always really wished I could. This course was all it took to break through the 'mediumship fog'. Now, I find myself enjoying mediumship readings the best."

    Now you have two choices…
    • The first option: You can go it alone
    • (slower, confusing, difficult, lots of mistakes, sometimes scary, failure to launch) 

    • How do I know?
    • Because I see it in the industry all the time, and I’ve been here a while… over 17 years to be exact.
    • Second option: Do it TOGETHER!
    • faster, smart, easy, avoid pitfalls, safe/judgment-free environment, finally feeling ready and having the right tools)
    • That’s because you’ll have me on your team… I can see your pathway, mistakes AND potential before they happen and will guide you in the right direction.

    So, option 2 is essentially the “shortcut,” “tried tested and true,” and “turn-key solution.”

    But before you apply, let me be brutally honest…
    This exclusive mastermind is NOT for everybody.

    For lack of a better way of saying it, I’m VERY picky about who I let into this group, and I’m looking for certain criteria in order for us to proceed.

    The Mastermind Program IS for you if:

    • You want to GENUINELY connect with Spirit and really help people professionally
    • You know somewhere deep inside of you that you are MEANT to do so by performing psychic readings
    • You’re TIRED of feeling “psychic reader anxiety’ 
    • You’re TIRED of all the "failure to launch"
    • You trust that Spirit wants YOU… to be on its team.
    • You are ready for total TRANSFORMATION in the way of psychic reading mastery and entrepreneur success
    • You LOVE psychic readings

    The Mastermind Program is NOT for you if:

    • You don’t have approximately 4 hours a week to spare or are not interested in immersing yourself in the program
    • You are looking to get information and not actually implement the tools I give you
    • You are not 100% heart-centered and aligned with serving from a state of mastery
    • You don’t take the responsibility of a psychic reader seriously
    • You have no interest in your full-potential financially
    • (Need I even say) You DON’T LOVE psychic readings

    That's it! Those are all my requirements. 🤗

    If you feel this is right for you...


      This program is by invitation only and I’ve created an application process to filter out any people that just aren’t a right fit.

      ​1. You'll see a button to the application on this page
      2. After you fill it out, I will review it personally
      3. If I think we might be a good fit, I'll have Jen from #TEAMTANA reach out to schedule a quick 15-minute call so she can answer your questions (and ask you a few as well)
      4. Assuming you both still think we're a good fit... You'll be offered a space in the exclusive mentorship program



      Apply Quickly for Best Availability

      There are a limited number of spaces in the group, so make sure you apply soon to ensure you get a spot as quickly as possible.

      If we have a phone call, we'll let you know more about the group's enrollment status. Sometimes there may be a waiting list.


      Click "Apply Now" on this page and fill out an application before spots fill up and you miss out on the opportunity.

      So if this feels right to you then...
      time is of the essence.

      The only question is, are you ready for the next level?

      If you feel like this is right for you, click the “Apply Now” link below and fill out an application before spots fill up and you miss out on this opportunity for good.


      Thanks for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

      All rights reserved 2022 tananewberry.com